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Townsend Tool & Machine specializes in repairs, custom work, maintenance, fabrication and special machining since 1976. Our diligent work ethic and experience is realized through our work. We manufacture all the way from fabrication to finish machining. Townsend Tool and Machine provides customers with final products they deserve. We also design and build to customer specification, depending on the customer need and the industry specific value that we can add, helping your company succeed.

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Our Company’s mission is to consistently supply our highly valued customers with quality products, on time, for the lowest competitive price. Our team is always here to provide what the client needs and improve on what they have purchased, in a speedy and efficient manner, and at the highest quality- guaranteed. Townsend Tool and Machine strives to be the "First Choice" for service through an intimate knowledge of customer needs, expectations and high value service. Our strategic direction is to continue providing general and custom machining services while improving our productivity through employee training and continuous improvement efforts.

  • Providing the customer’s requirements in accordance to their timeline

  • Providing the customer’s requirements in accordance with their timeline

  • Provide the highest quality product possible

  • Providing the highest quality product possible

  • Partner with customers to improve their purchased products

  • Partnering with customers to improve their purchased products

We are personally accountable for delivering on our commitments. We take our work seriously and want to make YOU a proud customer. 


We have been providing regular maintenance for steel manufacturing, and construction industries since 1976 with 100% customer satisfaction. We will provide you with the service and confidence you need to ensure the 

products always meet your expectations. Specializing in repairs, customs work, maintenance, gear and spline fabrication and special machining, we are the perfect one-stop-shop for all your machining needs. 

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