Finding solutions to your Tool and Machining problems for 42 years. 


Reverse engineering is a significant part of our business.

We are able to take an old, broken or worn down machine part and determine its fabrication process. We can create everything possible in order to make those pieces and parts all over again.  This includes the specifications, drawings, outlines of the products and imagining how this product can be helpful for you and your needs. Reverse engineering is one of our many specialties that might be precisely what you need.


We completely refurbish your old and worn parts to function and look like new.


Customer will come to us with problems and we provide innovative solutions for them. With our years of knowledge, we can provide options and solutions for almost any specialized machine problem you may have!


At Townsend Tool and Machine we provide a range of repairing and maintaining solutions to fix your equipment- making it good as new

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